We use cookies to better serve you. Cookies help our websites and apps to function as optimally as possible. In addition, we use them to help us understand which elements work well, so we can improve your user experience. We also use cookies to share on social media and to display relevant (and possibly commercial) content.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are loaded in the browser on a PC, laptop or mobile phone. We use different types of cookies. You will find a list of all of our cookies below.


These cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website or app. That includes things like remembering your favorites, chatting with our staff, logging into the website or making sure that you do not see the cookie notification every time you visit.

Name Technology Purpose Validity Privacy policy
cookieconsent_status Cookie Remember that the user has accepted cookies. 1 year internal
devicePixelRatio Cookie Determines the pixel density of your screen so you always see sharp images. 1 week internal


We use cookies for statistics to analyze how visitors use the website or app. That allows us to figure out what we can improve to provide everyone with the best possible user experience.

Google Analytics
Name Technology Purpose Validity Privacy policy
__utma Cookie With Google Analytics, we measure how you use the website and how you found the website. We use this knowledge to improve the website. With Google Analytics, we can analyze visitor behavior on an aggregated level so that we can improve the website using aggregated insights for the visitors and can better match visitor preferences. 2 years external
__utmt Cookie See above 10 minutes external
__utmb Cookie See above 30 minutes external
__utmc Cookie See above session external
__utmz Cookie See above 6 months external
__utmv Cookie See above 2 years external